Onsite Test Delivery

Test delivery in PearsonVue centers for small to mid-sized programs

No annual minimums – NONE!

For test owners:

  • Affordable avenue to delivering tests in Pearson VUE centers
  • Scheduling is handled in the portal. No worries about finding dates or centers.
  • Candidates can pay the program directly, or owners can use the portal to collect payment.
  • Experienced team handles test publication
  • All the benefits of Pearson VUE test programs, and more
  • Greatly reduced Publishing Fees
  • Best customer service in the business

For test takers:

  • Test sponsor informs the service of candidate eligibility
  • Candidates pay test sponsor directly or through the portal
  • Candidates schedule or reschedule through the Pearson VUE portal
  • Candidates test in center with professional proctors in a secure setting
  • Candidates receive score report or instructions about when to expect the score report
  • Test sponsor receives scheduling and test result data

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Alicia F. NTCB

“I am the examination liaison for a small-volume certification, and we have been working with Strasz for one year. It has been so refreshing to get personalized assistance, even though we are not one of the “big guys”! Our questions are always answered in a timely manner, and Strasz responds to our needs in a way that makes us feel valued. They have been able to advocate for us and our candidates and they were exactly what we, as a completely volunteer board with many other responsibilities, needed. It has been a superb experience to partner with Strasz!”


Linda Bernetich IFTA

“STRASZ provides exceptional service for our international computerized exam. They recently helped us implement a French version of our exam. The company is a pleasure to work with and always prompt to respond. I highly recommend their services.”


Clarence “Buck” Chaffee The Caviart Group

“We recently began administering a licensure examination for the State of New Jersey using the Strasz Online Test Delivery system. Our experience with this system and Strasz’ support has been excellent. The registration and test delivery process were flawless and the data returned to us was complete and accurate.
We are currently working on setting up this system to administer examinations in South America and Africa for medical clients.
I highly recommend Strasz and their Online Test Delivery system for high-stakes test delivery.”