Online Test Delivery

Your testing program can securely test candidates from home or any other convenient location with internet access. Our expanded Online Test Delivery service, features dual-camera monitoring, thorough identification and security checks, your choice of “Live” or “Record and Review” online tests, and 24/7/365 test session availability.
Quickly implement a remote or hybrid testing program with an Online Test Delivery solution offering test publishing, online registration, scheduling, and payment processing. Strasz Assessment Systems’ trained staff guides test sponsors through the Online Test Delivery onboarding process. The Online Test Delivery experience is tailored to meet the needs of the test sponsor and provides an expansion of testing options available to candidates.
Candidates will easily schedule exams, confirm their home technology is suitable, and enjoy a smooth test experience. In-exam live chat support is only a click away. Upon completion, the entire test session is summarized and available for your review.
Download the Online Test Delivery Candidate Quick Guide here.

Download the Online Test Delivery Quick Guide

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