Strasz History

In 1991, Frank Strasz began his assessment industry career with a leading company in educational assessments. Four years later, leveraging his CBT software experience and his assessment industry knowledge, Frank incorporated Strasz Assessment Systems.

Since then, Strasz has focused solely on the assessment industry and has provided software and services to companies such as AICPA, Inteleos, AFP, NCARB, AAMC, ETS, Pearson, and Prometric. Strasz is proud to have designed and developed the assessment systems that AICPA relies upon to author, publish, present, score, and report the Uniform CPA exam which is delivered hundreds of thousands of times each year.

In 2014, Strasz’s line of assessment management tools was formally branded as the Strasz Exam Management Suite. The assessment industry’s most powerful set of integrated software and services, the Strasz Exam Management Suite helps certification and testing organizations deliver better tests quicker and more efficiently while eliminating data errors associated with the use of separate systems.

In 2018, Strasz began a collaboration with BTL and extended the reach of our innovative items by integrating the Task-Based Simulations (TBS) into Surpass. A landmark in our history, placing TBS’ into Surpass enabled strategically-linked test publishers to develop content across item banks.

And now in 2020, we have expanded our offerings with the invention of new products and new strategic partnerships. Strasz and BTL Surpass have expanded our partnership and together we have developed and offer an improved Online Proctoring solution.  Strasz and BTL will now jointly market and sell our superior dual-camera monitoring solution and unrivaled customer support to North American clients. For more information click here.

Strasz Through the Years

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