Remote Item Authoring and Review Portal

Item Authoring and Review Portal features

  • Remote item authoring, review, and management

  • Secure web-enabled environment

  • Monitors the item development progress

  • Enables item feedback

  • Allows items to be remotely reviewed, validated, and approved/rejected

Secure, remote item writing collaboration

Assessment organizations with flexible work staffs can now manage their item authoring and management from anywhere on the Web.

The Strasz Exam Management Suite’s Item Authoring and Review Portal is a secure web-based system that enables subject matter experts to develop and review exam items from any place with an internet connection. Using a friendly, intuitive user interface, item writers can author, edit, review, and submit items…from anywhere…at any time.

The Item Authoring and Review Portal (part of Pro! and Essentials!) gives project managers complete control over item management tasks. Upon project creation, the project manager assigns item writing tasks to item writers, who create, edit, and submit their assigned items. Once completed, the project manager schedules primary and secondary online committee reviews, during which each item is reviewed, validated, and approved/rejected.

The Item Authoring and Review Portal:

  • Provides a powerful and friendly interface to write and manage exam items.
  • Reduces the need for face-to-face meetings, thereby saving time and expenses.
  • Ensures item writing is performed within a secure environment, accessible only by authorized users.
  • Provides for continuous and episodic item development.
  • Provides a simple method for receiving and incorporating item feedback.
  • Helps monitor and control the item development process by keeping count of total number of items required, number of items submitted, and number of items accepted/rejected, pending, and needed.