v4.2 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Semantic Similarity

From a list of items or forms, you can now check the semantic similarity between items or passages to identify potential enemies. Simply choose the comparison options and model you want to use and quickly obtain their similarity ratings. This process handles combinations of item set stimuli/passages, associated items, and discrete items. You can control which items to check within the set or exclude items that are traditionally friends. The secure, independent process runs on the server and provides a spreadsheet with detailed comparison results and similarity settings.

Item QuickView

Pro!’s QuickView feature allows users to quickly see an item’s content without opening it. From the item search results listing page and other locations, users can hover the mouse over the item’s identifier to view a thumbnail of the item. This update improves readability by adjusting the display scale.

Project Member – Assigned Projects

Over time, project members may participate in numerous item writing or review projects. Within each project, members’ participation and contributions can be easily tracked. This update allows project managers to quickly find all projects a particular member has participated in by viewing the member’s details.

User Access

Ensuring that the Remote Item Writer role is not included in the Pro! Back Office user group is currently a manual and error-prone process. Pro! users with only the Remote Item Writer role will see an informative message if they log into the back office, and the application will close once the message is dismissed. Users with both Remote Item Writer and other back-office roles are allowed to log in, and their roles will be evaluated to determine the appropriate access.

Item Transfer

Pro!’s robust item transfer process enables a list of items to be moved to another Pro! instance. During transfer, the source bank can cleanse the content of the items while preserving their metadata. The updated process now includes a detailed activity record for each transferred item. Additionally, the item’s QuickView has been transferred and cleansed from the source bank.

Update Answer Choice Locking Imagery

When creating an item, authors can lock the answer choices. The locking icon and toggle functionality have been updated to more clearly indicate whether the answer choices are locked or unlocked.

Item Authoring Features

Several new features have been added to the Backoffice item authoring tools. The editing toolbar for creating single selection, multiple selection, and Likert items now includes the following capabilities:

  • Incrementally


    changes with a click of a button.

  • Toggle the authored Formatting Marks for a visual indication of paragraphs and spacing.
  • Better control the table’s Cell Padding by using the table and cell properties pages.
  • Change the Line Spacing for a single line or for a highlighted set of lines.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

User Interface Optimization

To enhance the user interface’s intuitiveness and efficiency, item metadata components now dynamically expand as data is entered. This feature increases the amount of data displayed per page, reducing the need for scrolling. Additionally, the Item Classification component will be hidden if the project does not include additional item dimensions to display or specify.

Pro! API

API Version 1.4 includes two new endpoints for retrieving Classical Item Analysis usage statistics.

  • items/{id}/itemclassicalia – Get Classical IA statistics for an item—This function retrieves the classical item analysis statistics for the specified item. Since the statistics are stored for each testing window, the function will return data from all testing windows in which the item has been used.
  • poolbooks/{id}/itemclassicalia – Get Classical IA statistics for a pool book of items – This function retrieves the classical item analysis statistics for all items referenced in the pool book. Since the statistics are stored for each testing window, the function will return data from all testing windows in which each item has been used.


Pro! Back Office

  • The item import process standardized and converted all content images to JPGs. It was modified to use the image format as defined in the item content. The testing program can continue standardizing the image format and size by item type when previewing, exporting, and publishing

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

  • No changes in this release