v4.1 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office

Additional Answer Choices Options

For single-selection and multiple-selection item types, the item author or reviewer can create and review items with more than five answer choices. As with all items, these can be previewed, searched, exported, and published to the specified test driver.

Enhanced Pearson Athena Browser Edition Item Preview

Pro!’s item preview has been enhanced to better support Pearson’s Athena Browser Edition test driver. The previous implementation used the Pearson Renderer application, which required a download and did not fully represent the candidate’s in-center experience. This application is no longer needed. Pro!’s item Browser Edition preview has been rearchitected and written as pure HTML, providing a high-fidelity item preview. Pro!’s item preview has been tuned to match the Athena Browser Edition’s item rendering specifications. Additionally, the preview screen resolution is configurable to match the in-center screen resolution.

User Interface Refactoring

The following Pro!’s pages have been updated to provide a cleaner, more responsive user experience for users with varying screen resolutions.

Create Window Page – This page was redesigned to better handle long Classification set names.

Exam Form Group Management Page – The Layout and Forms tabs left pane was redesigned to minimize whitespace. The Create and Delete buttons have been moved to the top of the panel for a better user experience.

Exhibit Writing Project’s Details Page – This page was redesigned to align with the other project types.

Pretest Item Review

Pro!’s Pretest Item Review (PIR) functionality has been removed. The functionality has been succeeded by the Item Review portal and other back office features, providing a more flexible and comprehensive solution. Item search, item status, column management, and supporting screens have been modified.

Answer Choice Randomization

When assembling an examination that is to be delivered by either the Pearson Athena Desktop or Browser test drivers, the test developer can specify if a section’s item answer choice are to be randomized or shuffled. Upon publishing, Pro! ensures that the shuffle_response attribute is written to the QTI. This option is set to not-shuffle by default.

Technology Upgrade

The version of Microsoft’s Entity Framework has been upgraded, providing increased performance and architecture upgrades. Entity Framework is a modern object-relation mapper that provides a clean, portable, and high-level data access layer with .NET (C#) across various databases.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Toolbar Hidden for Disabled Editors

When the editor is disabled, the entire toolbar region is hidden. This reclaims the associated space, helping to minimize whitespace.

Pro! API

No changes in this release.


Pro! Back Office

  • An error occurred when deleting a comment that was created during an item review project. This has been addressed.
  • Depending upon the user screen display settings, the cell border wizard’s right-justified default display location could be off-screen and not be seen until the workflow menu was hidden. The default location of the cell border wizard was changed so it is centered and always visible.
  • During Item Import, a change was made to ensure item content and rationales, which can contain HTML formatting, have their plain text stored correctly to facilitate searching.
  • Addressed a data scenario that caused the Item Import to fail. Additional code was added to handle answer choices containing “<”.
  • Corrected an issue that resulted in the visibility of Pro!’s Backoffice Home page refresh button.
  • For single-selection items, if another user attempted to open an item that was locked because a user had it opened for editing, the message allowing the second user to take ownership did not have its ‘please wait’ indicator dismissed.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Under certain circumstances, a double scrollbar would be displayed when reviewing an item.