v3.7 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office

Bulk Update

Currently, in Pro!, a user must view and update each item to set the item’s approval. While it is important to confirm each item meets the standards associated with each approval, being able to bulk update approvals will help streamline the promotion process.

Based on the user’s access rights, they will be able to set or clear the following approvals.

  • Format
  • Test Developer
  • Editor
  • Fairness
  • Internal SME
  • Committee
  • Media

Following existing Bulk Update rules, the entire set of proposed bulk updates must be valid for an item to be successfully updated.

Note that dependent updates must be processed as separate bulk update steps. For example, a bulk update of approvals and status must be performed in two steps.

Import Item Keys

Quickly assign or reassign one or more item’s answer keys by importing a file that contains the item identifier and its associated answer keys. A new permission role, Import Item Keys, has been added to control access. Below is a sample layout of the file. For complete details and to obtain a sample file, go to Pro! Sample Files.


Window Management

Testing Window date ranges have been relaxed to allow for overlapping windows. This provides additional flexibility in support of multiple delivery of simultaneous or overlapping examinations within the same section.

Item Cloning and Lineage

The item cloning dialog and lineage tree have been enhanced to include the item’s master code in addition to the Pro! generated unique item identifier.

Project Type Description

The project type descriptions have been changed to Exhibit Writing, Item Writing, and Item Review, which more accurately reflect the project’s purpose. This is a naming update with no associated functionality change.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Item Reviewing – Primary Reviewer Completes Item Review

In a continued effort to streamline the item review process, Primary Reviewers can complete their item review as needed. Once they obtain enough feedback to make a decision, they can do so regardless of how many Secondary Reviewers have finished their review. A warning will be shown to the Primary Reviewer if the Secondary Reviewers have not finished their review. Once the Primary reviewer completes the round, the item will stay in the secondary reviewer’s Review Complete queue for the reviewers who have completed the review. The item will be removed from the Secondary Reviewer’s queue who did not review or finish the review of the item. The review queue counts are updated accordingly.

Item Reviewing – Control Item Presentation Order

Testing programs can control the order in which items are presented to the Primary and Secondary Reviewers, aligning an organization’s review procedures with Pro!’s review capabilities. The order of items within the assigned poolbook(s) determines the display order. For example, if items are to be reviewed based on the content outline, the project manager would order the items within the assigned poolbook(s) by adding the content outline column, sorting the rows, and renumbering the entries via the Auto Renumber feature. The item order can be updated for Draft and Active projects.

Item Writing – Mentors Submit Items

The item submission workflow can be configured for item authoring projects. If the project manager allows mentors to create items and mentor item writers, the mentor can always submit their authored items, irrespective of how the project submission workflow is configured.

Pro! API

 No changes in this release.


Pro! Back Office

  • While setting up an Item Writing Project, the same classification was allowed to be used for a task and classification. This caused an issue when saving the newly created item.
  • During exam publishing, Pro! will convert exhibits to a standard specified format. The Athena Browser Edition test driver uses WEBM for videos. Pro! was not converting the videos.
  • Deleting a classification was displaying an error.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

No changes in this release