v3.6 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office

Item Writing Projects Support Multiple Item Types

Project Managers can now configure an Item Writing Project to support item creation of various types. This efficiency enhancement aligns with the examination’s item type specifications. Project managers can freely add and remove item types while the project is in a Draft state. Item writing projects in an Active state allow additional item types to be added while existing item types are not removable. As with all project types, the project can be cloned, which retains the specified item types and parameters, providing an efficient path to creating new projects.

Classification Management and Selection

Additional control is given to managers to specify the specialty section or sections that pertain to a classification. The list of available sections contain the sections to which the manager has access. Previously, the visibility options were limited to the current section or all sections. The downstream classification selection pages have also been updated to provide an efficient organization based on the user’s access rights. The following pages were enhanced.

  • Classification Definition
  • Classification List – the default filter will show the classifications associated with the current section.
  • Classification tab within the Item Writing Project definition
  • Classification tab within the Item Review Project definition
  • Associating a classification value to an item
  • The Item Search Classification criteria tab
  • Column Management for Item Search Results
  • Column Management for a Poolbook
  • Poolbook print report column selection

Easily specify the associated section(s) to the classification’s definition


Quickly find and add the desired classification(s) to your search results.

The item classification assignment page has been reorganized to quickly find the classifications associated with the current section.

Chemistry Editor

Backoffice and remote item authors can easily create chemical notations with Pro!’s new Chemistry Expression editor. Utilize chemical symbols, periodic table symbols as well as the math and scientific authoring capabilities to create complex notations. Custom word counts can be applied to the chemical notations. Chemical notations enjoy the same features such as instant item preview and quick views.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Select Item Type and Task Assignment

Pro! provides a streamlined item authoring process that aligns the item writer with their task assignments. When creating a new item, the writer selects the item type and the associated item writing assignment. The task assignment will show its hierarchical description, providing a complete picture of the content needed for the item. Typically, the assignment is associated with an area of the content outline. The item writer can easily modify the associated task assignment while working on the item.

An additional Items Needed column has been added to each task assignment, allowing item writers to see progress toward item writing project goals.

Editor Real Estate

The answer choice and rationale editors will default to 3 lines per editor, increasing screen utilization. All editors can be manually resized by dragging the bottom right corner downward.

Pro! API

 No changes in this release.


Pro! Back Office

Additional security-related changes.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

  • Additional security-related changes
  • Corrected an error when a user did not have an active item writing project and clicked on the ‘My Item Writing Work’ link. The link will be disabled if there are no projects to be viewed.
  • Ensure the Round Summary table indicates that the Secondary Reviewer edited an item if the answer key was the only change.