v3.2 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office

Passage Item Actions

While viewing the list of items associated with a Passage, the author can perform the following convenient bulk actions.

  • Bulk Update – update the items with the same metadata changes
  • Create/Add to Poolbook – place the items into a poolbook for downstream use
  • Edit Items – open the items for modification
  • Move Items – transfer the items into a different specialty section

Likert Item High Fidelity Preview

All Likert items associated with the same Passage are previewed together as a set on a single page, as the candidate will experience during delivery.

Item Review Project Management

Item Review projects can be closed when there are no active review rounds. Project Managers can easily extend the project to allow Reviewers to complete their assignments.  Once closed, all review items are unlocked, and associated Item Reviewers can be managed as needed. 

Reviewers can be removed from an active project as long as they do not have work in progress nor have they completed item reviews.

Within the Item Review project settings, the manager can decide if the Primary Reviewer can set or clear the item’s approvals.  If this ability is not needed, the project manager can decide to hide the approvals from the Primary Reviewer.  


Pro!’s Item Review capability allows reviewers to provide suggestions and edit item copies sent to them for review. The Primary Reviewer analyses the feedback and decides if the item meets the review objectives. The Primary Reviewer can also determine whether the item’s workflow status will be rejected.

Assigning Item Reviewers and associating items to Primary Reviewers has been streamlined.  The Assign Reviewers page remains open while adding reviewers. Additionally, the Item Assignment page automatically assigns all items when there is a single Primary Reviewer.

Item Authoring and Review Project Settings

By default assigning a classification to Exhbits will not be required.  Additionally, the settings associated with Exhibit sizes have been changed to allow for larger images and videos.

Item Search

Item search allows the user to specify one or more criteria and view all the items matching the criteria.  The Usage tab within Item Search provides the user with a listing of all Forms defined within the system.  The user selects one or more Exam Forms or Exam Sections as part of their criteria.

Item Activity

Reviewers can comment on items in two ways; adding a comment directly to the item or adding it as part of the item review’s finalization process.  In addition to the reviewer’s comments being displayed in the Project’s Item Review Activity tab, they are now available as a comment directly associated with the item and shown on the Item’s Activity tab.  All recorded review activities are also shown in the item’s Activity tab allowing for easy viewing.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Item Review

Reviewers are shown a mini-preview of the item’s stem when hovering over Master Codes they are assigned to review.  The mini-preview provides an efficient way to identify and organize the assigned items without opening them.

Word Count

Remote Item Writers and Reviewers can see a real-time Word Count of the item they are working on.  The Word Count is provided for the Passage, Stem, and Answer Choices.  Exhibits and equations have an associated word count, which are factored into the overall word count and shown as part of the detailed breakdown. 

Primary Reviewer Accepts Changes

Primary Reviewers prefer a more granular ability when accepting the reviewer’s proposed content changes.  Now there are three options;  Accept Passage, Accept Item Stem, and Accept Item Choices changes. When selecting to accept a reviewer’s change, Pro! will warn the Primary Reviewer if the item was previously modified, ensuring changes are not lost.

Primary and Secondary Reviewer Dashboards

A new Review Completed work queue has been added to the Secondary Reviewer’s dashboard showing all reviewed items, providing a complete picture of all work performed in the project

Primary and Secondary reviewers have their view of the Review Project detailing their specific assignments and progress. Primary Reviewers can quickly see what work has been completed and is still in progress, making it faster to determine when to reconcile Secondary Reviewer’s feedback.

Secondary Reviewers see a progress view of their assigned work showing how many items they have completed, how many remain to review, and the preferred completion date.  The Preferred Completion Date is now a required field.   When the completion date has passed, it is displayed in red to identify projects that need immediate attention.  Since a single project can contain multiple preferred completion dates, the most recent preferred completion date will be displayed. The project end date will be displayed if there are no active review rounds. 

Item Review Round Modifications

From the Item Review Project detail page, the Primary Reviewer can update the round settings for all items associated with an active Item Review Round in a single,  convenient, and time-saving step.  Round settings for an individual item are no longer supported.  The preferred completion date is now a required field.

Pro! API

No changes in this release.


Pro! Back Office

  • Legacy items may have images encoded and embedded in the item’s HTML.  When saving an item, images are converted to references that conform to the standard.  
  • Exhibit content is locked when used in a Passage whose content is locked for edit. Exhibit metadata, such as Word Count, remains editable regardless of the exhibit’s status.
  • When updating an exhibit referenced in an Item or Passage, the author can make the needed changes without saving and reopening the item, streamlining the authoring process.