v3.1 Release Notes


Pro! Back Office


Pro!’s publishing feature has been enhanced to align with the latest Pearson Athena Browser Edition changes to support robust HTML. Examinations that use media can decide to have the media compiled into the exam or be external and accessed through Pearson’s Media Content Deployer.

Activity Event Log

The Activity Log tracks the updates to items and other objects within Pro!. The Long Comment of the activity log contains all the transaction details. The Long Comment preview has been updated to show the information in the table, XML, and JSON formats.

Item Search

Symbols within item content can be easily searched using the new Symbol Search popup. Find the desired symbol by locating the image or code for a specific font.

Item Writing Projects

Project managers can now see all items created within an item writing project, not only the items submitted.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

Item reviewers previously had two voting options, thumbs up or thumbs down. A third option has been added, Approved with Edits, which allows the reviewers to indicate that they would approve or give a thumbs up if the item content was edited.

Pro! API

No changes in this release.


Pro! Back Office

Publishing of an NDA section was enhanced to ensure the items’ Master Code is used as the unique QTI identifier.