v3.0 Release Notes


Redesigned Authoring Interface

Redesigned from the ground up with initial support for Passages, Single Selection Multiple Choice and Likert item types.

Collapse and expand the workflow pane to manage your screen real estate.

Hover over an exhibit or expression to see its details.

Quickly see existing comments and enter comments while viewing the content.

Quickly manage the item’s keywords while viewing the content.

View and manage rationales side-by-side with the item content. Reposition the vertical real estate between the rationales and content.

Intuitively see the item’s rejection, retired, and rework reasons.


Collapsible Workflow Pane

Word Count

Version Compare and Revert

While viewing a Single Select Multiple Choice item, Likert item, or Passage version, the authorized user has the option to revert the content to match the viewed version. All text including formatting, exhibits, and equations are reverted.

Quick View

Quickly and easily identify an item by hovering over the item’s unique identifier or its Master Code. The item’s last saved content changes will be shown in the Quick View window. The authorized user no longer has to open an item to see its content. This time-saving feature enhances your productivity. View the item within the search results, poolbook details, and during examination construction.

Project Rule Usage

Quickly see which projects are using or have used the project rule. The project manager can easily access the potential impacts associated with a rule modification.

Item Cloning

Make copies of items in any workflow status and track their association through Pro!’s lineage feature.


The Subcommittee Review references have been removed. The associated functionality has been removed from Pro! Backoffice and replaced with Review Projects. Additionally, authorized users can now bulk update items directly from the poolbook details.

Pro! Remote Item Authoring and Review

No changes in this release.

Pro! API

No changes in this release.


Poolbook Export to CSV

Ensure all imported Likert items have their distractors separated into individual columns.