Bulk Update


Credentialing organizations must frequently make the same change to a group of items. While it is possible to open and modify each item, this can be labor-intensive and subject to human error.

Bulk Update is an alternative to changing items one by one. The update is faster overall and has no chance of updating an item differently. A bulk update consists of two parts: the bulk update specification and the list of items to update.

The Bulk Update Specification

A bulk update specification identifies the item data elements to change. Many item data elements can be changed through Bulk Update but some cannot. For example, content, rationales, and keys cannot be changed. This stands to reason as Bulk Update applies the same change to all items, and it would not make sense to apply a content change to different items.

The table below identifies the item data elements Bulk Update can change. Note that in some cases a bulk update adds new information to the item, and in other cases, it replaces existing information.

Data ElementEffect
Item Writer IDChange the identity of each item’s item writer to this value.
KeywordsAdd a list of keywords to each item.
CommentAdd a new comment to each item’s comments history.
Actual DifficultyChange the value of each item’s actual difficulty to this value.
Enemy Item IDAdd item IDs to each item’s list of enemy items.
Item StatusChange the status of each item to this value.
Approved ReferenceAdd approved references with citations to each item.
Reference NoteAdd a reference note to each item.
ClassificationAdd a classification set to each item.
Technical Accuracy Review DateChange the date of each item’s technical accuracy review date to this value.

The List of Items

Pro! applies a bulk update specification to a list of items. There are two ways to obtain the list, through item search, or by importing a CSV file of item IDs. Bulk Update can change only those items on the list.


Pro! has the powerful ability to preview whether a suggested change will succeed item by item. If the change will not succeed, the user has the option to remove the item from the list in a bulk update. The user can repeat the preview/remove-item cycle until ready to commit to the update.


When ready, the user applies the changes. Pro! applies the changes in a background operation, allowing the user to continue working elsewhere within the system. When complete, the user can access a results summary listing the items changed and the final status of the Bulk Update.

Security and Logging

Bulk Update can change items only if the user performing the update has edit rights. Pro! writes a log record of before and after values of every updated item in addition to a log record that the actual Bulk Update occurred.

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