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Assessment organization staff have a considerable task of developing their examinations given the many steps and components of the workflow process. As a result, it is not only important that a system contains features to assist with completing each item development task plus keep track of it all, but the system should also be reliable, and enhance efficiency and quality control. Recording and cataloging all workflow user activities ensures that all relevant parties know the steps that have occurred. The Pro! Activity Event Log proves an asset in this process and serves as an electronic fingerprint of “Who, What, When, and Where”.

The Activities Event Log is a robust system feature that captures and retains a wealth of information regarding workflow activities. The information recorded can include hundreds to thousands of rows of activity information, all of which Pro! has the capacity to retain, display, search, sort, and filter.

The system user can access any category of defined activity information, generate tabular displays and reports, and export the reports to various file formats such as Excel, CSV, or PDF. Given that the Activities Event Log is one of the most frequently used system features, it is listed under the Common Tasks tab for quick user access.

Defined User Activities

The Pro! system was designed with a comprehensive understanding of the exam development process. The Activities Event Log captures information on tasks performed relevant to your organization’s exam development program. The columns of an Activity and Event Log record always include a timestamp, item ID, item type, the ID of the user that performed the activity, application area, record type, item status, a brief reason for writing the record, and an optional attachment listing the before and after values of each change, when a change occurred.

Filter Selection

Like any tabular display, columns in the Activity and Event Log’s tabular display can be filtered to show only records of interest. For example, by
selecting the timestamp column header and filtering down to a specific date or date range, the system will return all tasks performed during the selected time period. Filter options include the operators “equals”, “does not equal”, “and”, “or”, “contains”, “does not contain”, “starts with”, and “does not start with.”

Generating Activity Log Reports

Users can generate Activity Event Log Reports. If the current view is filtered, the report contains only the records that remain after filtering. For instance, a user may want to generate a report listing details of all activities surrounding the creation of a HotSpot item within a specific date range. A filter can eliminate records outside the date range, and any subsequent report contains only records within the date range.

Exporting and Saving Activity Log Reports

Users can export log records to a file. The exported file can be saved to any file location the user prefers. Export allows increased flexibility, usage, and retrieval of information.

Component Views

Pro! records all activity in a single log. Yet, when the user displays a component (e.g. as an item, form group, or exhibit) Pro! retrieves its specific log records for viewing on a tab that is automatically added to the display. The user will always have quick access to that component’s Activity Event log records.

Importance of Workflow Management

Item development can be rather complex with several moving parts. Even the most diligent assessment organization staff may find it challenging to meet milestones while at the same time recording process activity and compiling legacy documentation. Reliance on an efficient system is critical.

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