Jul 20

Strasz Assessment Systems announced immediate availability of Pro! v2.0. 

The release of Pro! version 2.0 aligns with Strasz Assessment Systems’ dedication to continuous architectural, performance and reliability improvements, as well as the Strasz customer centered business philosophy.

Enhancements to the flexible and comprehensive test publication feature in Pro! for the Pearson Athena test driver support inclusion of supplemental materials for tests, specification of duration events, printed exam receipts for test takers and ability to combine multiple complex examinations within one easy to create publishing package.  Pro! v2.0 assists test developers by creating a QA version of test publication packages. This enhancement facilitates the review of the items contained in several test forms at once while eliminating the need to review common items, such as anchor items, in multiple reviews.

Item authoring has been enhanced with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art Math Expression/Scientific Equation Editor.  Authors can easily write items with advanced scientific notations or mathematical equations in an SME-friendly interface.  In addition, the author has enhanced support for creation of complex tables. Item review capabilities now allow for all reviewers to edit their own copy of an item under review.  The primary reviewer can visually compare the differences between the reviewer’s edits and decide to adopt the change, take portions of the change or revert back to the original version.

Pro! v2.0 delivers additional support for item passages, which are common material such as case statements, associated with discrete items.  Passage material is displayed within a split screen paradigm to allow for simultaneous viewing of the item’s content.

To request a complete list of enhancements please call 1-855-STRASZ-1 or email info@strasz.com.