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Cut the Grapevine

Crystal Parlier, Client Service Specialist
October 19, 2015

The author of this latest blog post discusses the negative consequences of office gossip and offers advice to management about how to appropriately handle this morale-crushing behavior.


ASAE 2015

Carrie Tuck, Business Development
August 30, 2015

Going to a business conference can make you feel like a rock star – from being whisked from airport to hotel, to having continuous courtesy and attention from the organizers, to being lavished with goodie bags and gifts. But the greatest benefit to attending a conference is the opportunity to cultivate relationships. The author of this blog post tells us all about it.


Lean Development

Doug Hieber, Senior Software Architect
July 26, 2015

In Eric Ries’ book “The Lean Startup”, he describes a product development approach that drives innovation and success through continuous cycles of “Build – Measure – Learn”. How does it work? The author of this week’s blog post explains…


Tips for Planning a Successful Company Event

John DeFalco, Software Developer
June 19, 2015

An after-hours get-together with coworkers can be great way to blow off steam after a tough week, but that’s not the only reason to plan such an occasion. In this post, the author offers tips for the planning and execution of events that not only provide a chance for socializing with your immediate colleagues, but create opportunities to get to know more of the great people in your organization with whom you may not interact every day.


Happy employees are productive employees

Rajah Krishnan, Web Application Developer
April 24, 2015

Businesses typically put customer happiness above all else and this is essential for a successful business. But what motivates the employees to deliver on this promise that businesses make? What motivates an employee to deliver amazing customer service? This blog post explores how happy and motivated employees make for a healthier and more productive workplace.


Driving Ms. Development

Jay Myers, Software Engineer
April 7, 2015

Conservation of momentum may be implied by Newton’s laws of motion, but it’s far from guaranteed in the world of software development. In this blog post, the author discusses what it means to use tests to drive your software development and what it can do for both your code quality and team velocity.


The Importance of Diversity

Doug Hieber, Sr. Application Architect
March 20, 2015

Every company has employees with varied skills and backgrounds, but why is this a good thing? In this blog post, the author explores the diversity at Strasz, and how it not only helps us “take care of business,” but also creates a work environment rich with respect, acceptance, and learning.


Team-Building Activities for the Workplace

Crystal Parlier, Client Service Specialist
March 3, 2015

Team-building activities are a fun and adventurous way to create a closely-knit and productive office team. Since there are many types of exercises to choose from, it is essential to look at the overall needs of the group in order to choose the most appropriate activities. In this blog post, a Strasz client service specialist discusses a variety of activities based on specific needs of particular groups.


Five Reasons to Train and Educate Your Employees Early, Often, and on Your Time

Ryan Moseley, Web Application Developer
February 18, 2015

In many companies, employees are asked to train themselves on a variety of technologies and subjects — at their own expense and on their own time. But could it be more valuable in the long run if companies trained their employees themselves? In this blog post, a Strasz web application developer explains why employer-led training leads to happier, more knowledgeable, and more productive employees.


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