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3 04, 2017

Digital Badges – An Opportunity to Promote a Credentialing Program


Lisa Everts, Test Developer, Business Development
April 3, 2017

Digital badges are an important way for individuals to display their skill sets or levels of proficiency in specific areas, and they are equally as useful for employers seeking out candidates with those skills. The author of this blog post details the benefits to credentialing programs of implementing a badging system, the importance of badge design, and how to choose a digital badge hosting service.


Digital Badges – An Opportunity to Promote a Credentialing Program2019-01-14T21:02:45-05:00
7 03, 2017

How the search for climbing gear led to a better registration system


Doug Hieber, Senior Application Architect
March 7, 2017

One never knows where one will find inspiration. Take the author of this blog post, for example. While shopping online, this application architect encountered some less-than-ideal registration processes, which gave him a greater appreciation for the superb user experience of the Reg! exam candidate registration solution in the Strasz Exam Management Suite. Learn more about the features, and what makes a great registration system.


How the search for climbing gear led to a better registration system2019-01-14T21:01:10-05:00
1 03, 2017

Securing Your Exam Content


John DeFalco, Software Developer
March 1, 2017

Before computer-based testing became so prevalent, exam content was created on paper and locked in secure file cabinets to prevent it from being compromised. The author of this blog post explains what steps can you take to keep your content secure in the digital age.


Securing Your Exam Content2019-01-14T20:54:53-05:00
8 02, 2017

Big Data is Watching


James DiEdwardo, Senior Software Developer
February 8, 2017

Big Data refers to the collection of information that is so massive that traditional data processing applications are ill-equipped to handle it. And are WE equipped to handle impact it will soon have on our planet? The author of this blog post gives us the 411 (pun intended).vent it from being compromised. The author of this blog post explains what steps can you take to keep your content secure in the digital age.


Big Data is Watching2019-01-14T20:53:28-05:00
20 01, 2017

Strasz Signs Agreement With Pearson VUE



Jan 20

Strasz Assessment Systems signs computer-based testing agreement with Pearson VUE

BLOOMINGTON, MN, Jan. 19, 2017 – Computer-based testing company Pearson VUE has entered into a multi-year agreement with Strasz Assessment Systems, a leading provider of products and customized solutions for exam and assessment development, to deliver exams for Strasz’s clients via computer-based testing (CBT).

The new agreement means that Strasz Assessment Systems’ clients will benefit from using Strasz’s technology solutions and delivering their programs via Pearson VUE’s network of over 5,000 test centers in 180 countries around the world. Candidates are offered the convenience of scheduling their exam on-demand at a local and highly-secure test center with faster results turnaround time.

“We selected Pearson VUE because of the strategic advantages they offer in terms of test center reach, secure test delivery and the flexible range of technology services and options we can utilize,” said Carrie Tuck, business development executive at Strasz Assessment Systems.

Bob Whelan, managing director of Pearson VUE, added: “Our new partnership with Strasz Assessment Systems is good news for the Strasz’s clients and I am delighted that this will have a positive impact on those being assessed around the world as they advance in their careers.”

Read the full press release here.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Everts
direct: 609.520.8522 x 265
e-mail: leverts@strasz.com

Strasz Signs Agreement With Pearson VUE2018-12-03T22:34:08-05:00
7 11, 2016

Strasz To Deliver CCIFP Exam



Nov 7

Strasz To Deliver CCIFP Exam

We are excited to announce that the ICCIFP Board of Trustees and Executive Committee has chosen Strasz Assessment Systems to deliver the CCIFP exam! Read the article by the Chairman of ICCIFP. (© 2016 by the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). All rights reserved. This article first appeared in CFMA Building Profits and is reprinted with permission.)

Strasz To Deliver CCIFP Exam2019-01-14T18:29:22-05:00
5 10, 2016

The Spider Plant Responsibility Principle


Jay Myers, Software Engineer
October 5, 2016

How is maintaining a spider plant like writing code? The author of this blog posts makes this comparison to illustrate the single responsibility principle – the first of the SOLID design principles.


The Spider Plant Responsibility Principle2019-01-14T20:51:23-05:00
9 09, 2016

Congratulations to Certified ScrumMasters



Sep 9

Congratulations to Certified ScrumMasters

Strasz is committed to continuing education in the workplace. Ensuring that our employees have the skills and competencies needed to succeed is imperative to our company’s competiveness and growth.

We congratulate Frank Corso and Mital Patel on their recent designation as Certified ScrumMasters with Scrum Alliance. Both Frank and Mital are instrumental to delivering our products using the best set of principles and tactics available in agile development.

Leading the Strasz Exam Management Suite team is Gary Spivack, who added the Scrum Certified Product Owner to his portfolio of accomplishments as well. As Product Owner, Gary conveys his vision through development of our computer based testing solutions including item authoring and banking tools, test drivers, scoring and score report systems.

The majority of our staff is located in our Princeton, New Jersey office where we house multiple Agile teams, marketing, sales, HR, operations, customer support and one of our data centers. Additionally, we have a small team providing development, customer support and sales support from our Boca Raton, Florida office.

Congratulations to Certified ScrumMasters2018-11-12T02:00:43-05:00
22 08, 2016

Use a “Goldilocks” standard to write better tests


Lisa Everts, Test Developer, Business Development
August 22, 2016

When writing multiple choice test items, how do you make sure the answers aren’t “too hard” nor “too easy,” but “just right?” The author of this blog post recommends using a Goldilocks standard.


Use a “Goldilocks” standard to write better tests2019-01-14T20:49:26-05:00
10 08, 2016

A var by Any Other Name


Jay Myers, Software Engineer
August 10, 2016

The author of this blog post gives us a lesson in the concept of ubiquitous language, and the differences between the way programmers speak to each other versus how they communicate with their customers.


A var by Any Other Name2019-01-14T20:47:44-05:00
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