v2.9.5 Release Notes


Pro! Updates

Classical IA Import

The Classical IA statistics import process will no longer change the item status for any items being imported. Previously items with a status of Being Pretested had their status changed to Approved for Committee Review.

Poolbook HTML Export Print

Exported poolbook will now ensure that the entire item content is visible without a vertical scroll bar.

Item Preview

Item Preview was enhanced to match the Pearson Desktop Exam delivery experience for items that contain super and subscript text.

Item Cloning

  • The cloning restrictions were relaxed and now items in Pending status can also be cloned.
  • The original user associated with references, reference notes, and comments, are preserved when an item is cloned.

Project Management

  • When a project is closed by the project manager, any in-progress items -those that haven’t yet been submitted – are now unlocked in Pro! and available for editing and item development by Pro! users.
  • The project close confirmation popup presented to the user will inform them that in-progress items will be unlocked.

Exam Publishing

Changes were made to the Athena Browser Edition exam publish process:

  • The output was changed to properly handle the Pause-the-Clock accommodation.
  • Since Athena Browser Edition no longer supports printing from within the examination, an external HTML version of the printed receipt and Void question response output is now produced.

Online Committee Review Project

The wording on the OCR project definition page was updated to provide a clearer description of the Editing Options for Primary and Secondary reviewers

PACS Version Difference

PACS item versions now allow the user to graphically view the differences between an item’s version and the current item content.



  • Two alignment changes were made to the login screen: one for the environment display and an adjustment for the error message when the password has expired.
  • The last distractor’s text was modified to ensure it was aligned with the associated radio button.