v2.8.9 Release Notes


Pro! Updates

Classical IA Import

The Classical IA statistics import process will no longer change the item status for any items being imported. Previously items with a status of Being Pretested had their status changed to Approved for Committee Review.

Poolbook HTML Export Print

Exported poolbook will now ensure that the entire item content is visible without a vertical scroll bar.

Item Versioning

  • The item snapshot feature was enhanced to provide a way to compare that snapshot to the current version of an item.
  • This is available to SSMC, MSMC, Likert, and Hotspot item types as well as Passages.
  • This change:
    • Allows the author to see the differences between the opened snapshot and the opened item or passage.
    • Provides an option within the snapshot window that toggles the comparison.
    • The current state of the item or passage is used as one source for the comparison, and the snapshot HTML is used for the other source of the comparison.
    • The comparison feature will always be enabled.

Activity and Event Logging

  • Master Code is now a default column in the Activity and Event Log. Users can remove/add Master Code to the Activity and Event log tabular display via the Column Management dialog, and the following applies:
    • For rows with an ItemID displayed the Master Code of the item will also be displayed.
    • If no Master Code is available then the column will be blank
    • Master Code column can be sorted, filtered, and used to group the tabular display.
  • Changes to item/passage associations and changes to a passage that are made in the item detail are now more easily understood because the short comment on these activity and event log records has been expanded to include the Passage ID and either the master code or the item identifier. Specifically:
    • Passage <ID> : <name> updated in item <ID> : <master code>
    • Add item <ID> : <master code> to Passage <ID> : <name>
    • Remove item <ID> : <master code> from Passage <ID> : <name>
  • More granular activity records are now written for Online Reviews.
    • A separate activity log record will be written for each reviewer completion event. The record will specify the item identifier, master code, reviewer, and their vote.
      • The Secondary Reviewer <name> has given a thumbs down to the item <ID> : <master code>
      • The Secondary Reviewer <name> has given a thumbs up item <ID> : <master code>
      • The Primary Reviewer <name> has given the item <ID> : <master code> a thumbs up
      • The Primary Reviewer <name> has given the item <ID> : <master code> a thumbs down

Pro! Login

The user may click an icon in the password field to briefly show their password.

Exhibit Management

A change was made to allow new exhibits to be uploaded in the event the directory for the exhibit upload is removed by Windows.

Exam Management

The form manifest document name has been renamed so that it includes the Exam Form Group Name instead of the Exam Form Group Identifier.

Item Authoring and Review Updates

Online Committee Review

  • If the Primary Reviewer’s edit permission is enabled within a project’s settings, then the “Secondary reviewers can edit item?” option defaults to Yes when creating a new review round.
  • When the Compare Versions button is clicked, the Compare checkbox is now checked by default.



An API was created to provide the following from Pro! for each item in the request:

  • Item Identifier
  • Stem Rationale
  • Answer Choice Rationale


A user may use this new API to retrieve the collection of Areas [Level1] values and descriptions for a specified classification set identifier.

Maintenance and Improvements


  • Items with images that were created in RIW and did not have their content modified within Pro! WPF, their images did not appear within the generated word document – a change was made so now the images are appearing in the printed exam.
  • When importing a large Classical IA update (>2k records) using Master Codes, an error is thrown – a change was made to allow a large Classical IA import file using Master Codes to process, and verified the processing time is similar to an import with Item Identifiers.
  • Vendor Import – a file that contains more than one of the same image in an item’s text editor was causing a ‘same key’ error – a change was made to correct this and allow such items to import.
  • If a primary reviewer starts a new review round for an item that was in a previous round, no record gets written to the Activity Event Log to indicate the close of the previous round – a change was made to write a record to the Activity Event Log to show the previous round was closed.

Item Authoring and Review

  • On the ‘My Project’ page the Start Date and End Date columns are sorted alphanumerically – a change was made to set the sort by date.
  • When the exhibit name in an Exhibit Writing Project is too long, it will run into the Classifications section of the exhibit preview popup. A change was made to add an ellipsis (…) to long exhibit names and display the full exam name within a tooltip.
  • The Create Item / Create Passage buttons were visible and active after the requested task amount had been achieved – Since the item writer is not allowed to create additional items or passages once the threshold has been met, a change was made to hide these buttons.
  • Error displayed when selecting My Review Word – If a Primary or Secondary Reviewer no longer belongs to any active projects, the My Review Work was still active but would return an error if accessed. A change was made to ensure that if there are no projects to view or no active projects for that user, the ‘My Review Work’ link is not shown.
  • On the project list page, the number of items to review does not match the actual number when opening the project – a change was made to ensure that for projects set up so the round doesn’t end on a rejection, items that are rejected (given a thumbs-down) by one reviewer are still included in the counts for the other reviewers in that review round.
  • A Review Round comprised of items from both the ‘My Items To Review’ and the ‘Secondary Review Complete’ queues was not displaying all of the items to the Secondary Reviewer – a change was made to ensure that when the review round consists of items from both of these queues all of the items display to the Secondary Reviewer.
  • Reference Notes using special characters are causing an error – a change was made to handle special characters in Reference Notes and prevent the error.
  • Classifications with ‘or’ in their title are not displayed in the classification popup in OCR – a change was made to properly handle classifications with these characters and allow them to be selected.
  • Comments with <cr/If> do not save – a change was made to save comments with this formatting.