Connect your item bank to your delivery modalities

Publish! is a revolutionary integration app that creates test delivery packages from any item writing tool for delivery in any channel. Think of Publish! as a railway roundhouse connecting content from any item bank to the test driver of any test delivery provider.

Test publishers have been under pressure to meet the needs of the changing assessment marketplace. Test publishers may need to deliver practice tests, end-of-course tests, and certification exams with flexibility of the administration in mind. Programs offering in-center testing and/or online proctoring may need to work with multiple vendors to provide the necessary testing modalities. And nearly all item banks available today are created to make content available for a single delivery channel.

Publish! allows test publishing organizations to solve these problems and deliver tests where your candidates prefer. And along the way, Publish! will significantly reduce your workload and worry. Construct a test form once and Publish! it for as many channels as needed.

With Publish!, test developers can create appropriate test delivery packages regardless of the item writing tool used. Test Developers can easily package test content for delivery in various formats and channels. And Publish! eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone process of having a publisher recreate test items or templates to deliver tests in multiple channels.

Publish! is a service that gathers test information – layout, directions, timing, scoring, and test items or questions and translates it to create a test publication file in the format of the chosen delivery vendor.

Using our vibrant interface, defining the layout of the exam package is simple. Select your test content from your item bank – a list of items, test directions, and scoring information – and Publish! will format the test package for the targeted delivery vendor. No programming required!

Features of Publish!

APIs Import exam content

Visual Layout Interactively define all aspects of your exam, including timing and routing rules

Non-Measurable Content – Provide candidate NDAs, directions, session rules, and end-of-exam messages

Score Models – Define scoring information such as cut score or score ranges

Reporting Groups – Define diagnostic reporting groups

Reusable Test Definitions – Copy and use the test definitions to create new tests quickly

One-Button Publish! – Transform your content into delivery-ready formats, including Strasz Test! Delivery, Pearson VUE Athena DE, Pearson VUE Browser Edition, and more!

Publish! Increases efficiency, eliminates manual intervention and reduces cost.

Publish! connects your current item banking solution to your delivery channels without migrating any of your existing content. Deliver high-quality test content more efficiently and effectively. By simplifying the process of creating and delivering test content across multiple channels, Publish! saves time and allows testing programs to meet candidate needs better and more economically.

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