The Strasz Exam Management Suite

Strasz Exam Management Suite
Strasz Exam Management Suite
The Strasz Exam Management Suite is the assessment industry’s most powerful set of integrated software and services. Packed with best-in-class features and functions, the Strasz Exam Management Suite helps certification and testing organizations deliver better tests quicker and more efficiently, while eliminating data errors associated with the use of separate systems.

Today’s assessment organizations require their testing development platforms to be equipped with configurability, interoperability, and Web-enabled collaboration. That’s why we’ve leveraged world-class software coding and deployment capabilities, plus an expert consulting staff comprised of industry veterans, to deliver our most comprehensive suite of offerings yet.

Along with its rich set of features, the Strasz Exam Management Suite is built with flexibility, speed, and power in mind. From item management, item review, and test assembly, to test delivery and scoring, the Strasz Exam Management Suite allows assessment organizations to operate more efficiently, enabling them to continuously improve the way they measure performance.

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    Comprehensive, collaborative exam development solution.
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    Web application for authoring, editing, and reviewing items.
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    A configurable, flexible system for processing exam results.
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    Browser-based, non-proctored test delivery system.
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    Delivering proctored tests in temporary locations.
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    Registration system for candidates and administrators.